"Tuesday, the girls had scheduled an appt with the new guy from <well known national payroll services provider> Small Business Division. I let him give me his spiel, and he said what can I do to earn your business? I told him - not a thing, that I was so happy with A&A that I was not interested in switching. He tried to give me all these reasons why <well known national payroll services provider> would be "personal" and not expensive. I explained to that 1) working with a individual who understands our business and is responsive to our needs, changes, and quirks has been an extremely positive experience. He countered with - well we would have a "team" of people who would also work with you and we'd keep notes in the computer on your needs. I explained that that would never be the same as having a personal relationship with my bookkeeper, who works so well for us and with me. 2) He explained their bundled pricing schedule - and I told him that we pay for the services we need and are only billed for those services and not anything extra. And that A&A is extremely reasonable. I gave him examples - and he was surprised. He again wanted to know how he could earn my business and I told him again - that the level of service I get from A&A is invaluable to me and to Dr. Block's business and nothing could make me switch."

Marsha Abel, Bookkeeper for Dr. Lisa A. Block, D.M.D, M.S.
Gig Harbor, WA